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Biodegradable Carry Bags

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    Make Your Business Sustainable with Certified Biodegradable Carry Bags!

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    Biodegradable Carry Bags

    AgreeEco Carry bags are fully compostable and biodegradable with world-class certifications. All bags are made from certified compostable raw material that provides high durability and strength. Furthermore, bags are leak-proof, provide breathability, available in multiple sizes, thickness and patterns. They can be used across a variety of industries. 


    Product Description

    Printing: Available as per requirement using biodegradable certified ink

    Bag Color: Available as per requirement

    Capacity: Available in multiple sizes to carry different capacities

    Material:  PBAT


    Open Head: Easy to carry


    Size: 100-1000 mm


    Product Features

    Adherence to regional law and compliance certifications

    Odour prevention

    Anti-static property

    Suitable for safe waste disposal

    High strength & leakproof

    Product inputs free of GMO material

    Why Switch From Plastic to Biodegradable?

    Why India?

    Strategic Location

    Choosing Indian manufacturer is a clear advantage in terms of transport connectivity and infrastructure. India has several highly functional ports and road connectivity between one city to another is well developed

    Cost Competitive

    The overall cost of manufacturing products is competitive with other countries and there is no compromise on quality of product because the machinery & resources used are of high standards.

    No Language Barrier

    India is an english-speaking country. The communication between customers and the supplier team is smooth and one can anytime talk to any member to resolve any queries.

    Political Advantage

    Indian government is doing every bit to smoothen the process of export and import. All the legislations are in favor so that trade can happen without any problem.

    Why AgreeEco?

    AgreeEco is a part of the Holostik group which has over four decades of experience in doing credible and reliable business that cares about customers. At AgreeEco, we carry forward the ethics and integrity of the Holostik group and create sustainable products that impact the world.

    Cost competitive pricings of products.

    Less Lead time, on-demand delivery and no supplies Issue.

    High standard machinery and equipment.

    100% Secure delivery of  products with full transparency.

    AgreeEco Certifications


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