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We are trying to made our Earth clean and create hygiene for human being.

Our Mission

We believe that all of us have the right to live in a green, clean and safe present as well as future. So we are trying to aware a people to must use AgreeEco Biodegradable Poly Products.

Our AgreeEco Beliefs

To craft, support and drive a positive change in the world with sustainable & eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics and packaging – One AgreeEco Product at a time.

Our vision offering the best Biodegradable products for our future. 

What we offers? We offers 100% clean and secure Biodegradable product for carry and garbage use.

Safe For Nature

Biodegradable refers to a product breaking down into natural elements, carbon dioxide . They turn into safe organic material, and they break down quickly.

Safe For Human Beings

The effects of biopolymers on human health are still being researched, but a few trends have become apparent.AgreeEco biodegradable product safe for human.

Safe For Eco-System

Eco-friendly products are “products that do not harm the environment whether in their production, use or disposal”.It can easily decompose so product not harm to nature.

Why choose AgreeEco

We’re more than bioplastics

We help people meet their sustainability goals!

Whether that means making organic waste diversion possible for an organization, helping citizens work with their city’s yard waste guidelines and plastic bag usage, or being a part of someone’s home composting goals. Our products are certified by the Government to do what we say they will do – return to nature in a composting environment.

So you can trust that your use of AgreeEco® products will help make your world a better place.

Supporting Zero-Waste and Sustainability
Zero-Waste is a Journey…Not a Destination
We know whether you’re working towards zero-waste, LEED certification, or simply trying to focus on sustainability, there will be challenges. Our team of dedicated experts is here to support you on your journey and help ensure your success. We can assist in planning and development, signage and marketing, custom products, and more!

6+ Products

12+ City

350+ Friendly Farmers

Who love my work

Our goal is to create a product and service that you’re satisfied with and use it every day. This is why we’re constantly working on our services to make it better every day and really listen to what our users has to say.

Quick delivery, excellent products. We bought the 12oz 50 pck compostable carry bag and they worked brilliantly. Look forward to buying more of these in the future.
Mr. Anand 22 Oct, 2020
Brilliant, conscience free products. I love the your Biodegradable product and the compostable bag are great and don't disintegrate like the paper ones.
Mr. Vinay 8 Sep, 2020
These Biodegradable carry bag are fab. Not only do they smell nice of palm but they are sturdy and completely disposable without killing the environment
Mr. Dubey 21 Sep, 2020
Excellent products , excellent service. So pleased to find quality, good priced, compostable Biodegradable product. Would highly recommend and will be ordering again.
Mr. Dinesh 17 Oct, 2020


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